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We designed our law firm to respond to our clients’ needs and expectations, and foster long-term professional relationships.

Our clients look to us for coordinated legal advice in managing their business opportunities, personal investments, and charitable endeavors on a continuing basis.

Kozusko Harris Vetter Wareh Duncan LLP

Washington, D.C. New York, NY        Chicago, IL  New Haven, CT 
Christine Bartlett Stanley A. Barg Olivia S. Brennan Robert Fasano
Brian J. Feldman Jennie Cherry John P. C. Duncan Richard A. Fava
George N. Harris, Jr.
Rebecca Dent
J. Andrew P. Stone Bruce I. Judelson
Don Kozusko  
Eric Dorsch
Heather A. Wallack
 Mary Sessel-Glassberg
George Levendis 
Pamela Goldfarb
Terri Middleton   Peter Franklin    
Miles C. Padgett 
Berry A. Heatley            
Patrick Schoshinski  
Delores Huston    
Stephen K. Vetter
Melissa Milich

Gordon P. Stone, III
Rashad Wareh