Miles Padgett

Miles C. Padgett


1666 K. Street NW, Suite 400

Washington, D.C. 20006

Telephone (202) 457-7208


Miles’ practice focuses on affluent families, family offices and trust companies (private or commercial) serving such clients.  He counsels those clients regarding:

  • private and retail trust company chartering and on-going management matters, including anti-money laundering compliance and regulation, whether for highly successful, strategically-minded families or well-known domestic and international financial institutions
  • family office structuring, governance and succession issues, including executive compensation and retention 
  • investment adviser compliance and regulation issues
  • structuring of family investments and investment vehicles, and
  • tax and estate planning matters. 

Miles writes and speaks on a wide variety of tax and wealth management topics.

In addition to being a lawyer, Miles spent over 5 years as an investment consultant focusing on asset allocation, portfolio construction, and manager search and selection and on-going due diligence. 

Miles earned a Bachelor of Arts degree, with distinction, from Cornell University and a Juris Doctor degree from Vanderbilt University, where he was a member of the Vanderbilt Journal of Transnational Law.

Recent, Representative Projects:

  • Assisting client in designing, building and staffing family office powered by cutting-edge technology that provides real-time transparency into, and risk management for, client family’s investments (even at the security trading level) owned by dozens of complex entities
  • Assisting family office in restructuring its internal governance system to accommodate family members who feel disenfranchised and to provide them with enhanced participation as appropriate for their individual skill sets and interests
  • Assisted various highly successful families in chartering and starting private trust institutions for the complex network of trusts and accounts of those respective families, to enable the long-term management by the families of their respective closely-held businesses interests and liquid assets
  • Assisted well-known international financial institution in establishing a U.S.-based, commercial trust company for expanding operations of that institution into the U.S.

Articles and Presentations:

  • Control without Ownership and Flourishing Beneficiaries: 21st Century Trusts and Trustees, YPO (formerly Young Presidents' Organization), February 2019
  • Why Form a Private Trust Company?, Family Office Exchange Webinar, November 2018.
  • Beneficiary Relations Committees and the Distribution Function, New Hampshire Trust Company Conference, October 2018
  • Choosing the Right PFTC Charter State – The Four Great State Building Blocks, Family Office Exchange 2018 Private Family Trust Company Workshop and Symposium, February 2018, and  2019 Private Trust Company Workshop and Symposium, February 2019,
  • The Private Family Trust Company: A Fully Empowered Platform for Family Flourishing, 2017 New Hampshire Trust Company, September 2017, as well as 2017 ABA Section of Taxation May Meeting, May 2017.
  • U.S. SEC and Regulatory Issues for International Families, 13th Annual International Estate Planning Institute (The New York State Bar Association and The Society of Trust and Estate Practitioners USA), March 2017.
  • Private Trust Companies: Global Use for International Families, IBA Annual Conference Washington 2016, September 2016.
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