Building and Defending Wealth

Our clients are real people who need useful legal advice on issues that extend beyond controlling wealth. They make investments, they run companies, and they manage complex assets. Many of our clients are actively building wealth, or having to defend it. We offer them our substantial experience in investment and business financings and transactions, and in litigation and tax disputes.

This does not mean that we have a “department” devoted solely to handling corporate tax disputes or that we have developed an expertise in documenting complex corporate financings.

Yet lawyers within our firm have taken an important role in advising clients on major business transactions, investment ventures and complex litigation.

We have also worked with startup companies of all dimensions, representing the founders, the financiers, and frequently the enterprise itself.

We have advised the owners and the managers of several very large private companies, and some public ones, on complex “business issues” even though we are not a “corporate” law firm in the usual sense of the word.

How can this be? Again, the best analogy is to the role of the general counsel to a business.