Integrated Legal Advice

We have the ability to serve as a legal advisor on a much wider range of issues than personal tax and estate planning boutiques. This allows us to advise clients on their investments or private businesses, so that the legal issues are resolved in a way that promotes their overall wealth management strategy. It also allows us to represent executives of publicly owned companies across an integrated range of career-related and personal legal issues.

We also believe that, as a firm focusing on the representation of individuals, we are well equipped to provide advice on business-related legal issues from the perspective of the individual client, rather than applying an institutional or “corporate” perspective.

In many business contexts, that individual perspective needs attention and we are well suited to handle those kinds of responsibilities. A major business alliance or transaction, or a management succession and compensation plan, will have a very different set of issues in the context of a closely held private company than in a public corporation. Also, a key individual shareholder or executive may have a somewhat different set of legal needs than the corporation itself in such cases, and likely needs to integrate the solutions to his or her legal issues into a personal long-term plan.