Selecting the Team & Managing the Project

We are not, however, practicing within the “one stop shop” of a larger corporate law firm. That means that on complex or very large business and investment matters, we often work with other law firms to provide the comprehensive advice needed.

In those cases, we see an opportunity to serve our clients, and provide a better result, by being able to select and work with those lawyers from other firms that we believe have the skills, experience, and commitment that fits the client’s needs.  We have decided against trying to build all of this expertise entirely within one firm, so we can put together a team of practitioners that is not drawn entirely from the “home team.”

All of our attorneys have practiced in law firms much larger than ours at some time in their careers. Some of us have practiced many years in the “mega-firm” environment. We are very familiar with the process of managing and integrating legal advice from more than one discipline and more than one law firm.