Fee Policies and Engagement Letters

Our practice is to discuss our fee policies prior to beginning representation of a new client. This allows us to take into account the particular matter in question, since, for example, whether billing is done on an hourly or a specialized fee basis depends on the work involved and the objectives sought. We always set forth the fee arrangement, including a specific retainer, in an engagement letter for the new client’s review and signature. This process fulfills our ethical obligations and helps avoid misunderstandings.

The engagement letter covers a number of other points as well, ranging from our ethical obligations concerning conflicts of interest to details concerning reimbursement of expenses. We have attached below the explanation of our customary practices on these matters, including a paragraph on hourly billing since much of our work is done on that basis.

KHD Standard Terms (DC)    KHD Standard Terms (NY)    KHD Standard Terms (CT)    KHD Standard Terms (IL)