Kozusko Harris Duncan serves as “general counsel” to wealthy families around the world. Our role is to provide cross-disciplinary legal advice tailored to each of our clients’ specific goals.

We do not follow a traditional law firm business model.

We designed our firm to meet the needs of a select spectrum of clients, who count on us for the integrated advice we provide. Unlike traditional law firms, we limit the number of clients we represent and the number of lawyers on a project to a human scale.

When specialized or local law expertise is needed in an area of law outside our focus, we engage appropriate lawyers for the client without conflict or benefit to our firm. We also are called upon to work with a client’s existing lawyers when there is a particular need that we can fill.

We are tax lawyers, financial services lawyers, business lawyers, trust lawyers, and advocates.

Most of us wear more than one of these hats, which keeps our practice interesting to us and valuable to our clients.

Most of our private client work comes from a limited number of ongoing, long-term domestic and international relationships, with families with significant net worth.

The remainder of our work comes from domestic and international financial institutions (banks, trust companies, accounting firms, law firms, and wealth management firms), where the engagements are sometimes limited to specific projects, but commonly stem from long-term relationships.

We focus on the core legal issues that are of recurring importance to our select clientele.

We are known for having expertise in private and commercial trust company design and regulation, income and transfer tax planning and controversies, international structures for multinational families, business succession, trust and family governance, family office securities law, financial services law as it relates to boutique wealth management firms, charitable and other nonprofit organizations, and significant transactions involving family businesses.

We often act as “General Counsel” to our clients and the firms that serve them

We also advise on complex income, estate, and gift tax planning matters for multinational individuals, their families, and their businesses.

We advise non-U.S. families looking to invest in the U.S., relocate to the U.S., or pass on wealth to beneficiaries in the U.S. And we advise U.S. clients looking to invest abroad, relocate abroad, or pass on wealth to beneficiaries abroad.

Our income and transfer tax planning and controversies service offerings fall into five key categories:

    1. Domestic & cross-border income tax planning
    2. Domestic & cross-border estate & gift tax planning
    3. Pre- immigration tax planning
    4. Expatriation tax planning
    5. International compliance consulting (e.g. FATCA and CRS)

Our advice is strong, deep, and exclusively in the best interest of our clients.

Our advice is stress-tested in the event that it is challenged because our lawyers also have substantial courtroom or administrative proceedings experience. Our advice fits common sense business and governance needs because our lawyers are also trust and business and financial services lawyers.

We do not sell products or write opinions for selling products; instead, we help our clients identify and manage risks, whether tax, business, regulatory or family disputes.

Since 2000, Kozusko Harris Duncan has advised both international and domestic clientele.

Our success stems from the understanding that each of these specialties informs the other.